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About Speaking

Janice Mayo Mathers is a conference and retreat speaker who specializes in encouraging women to see adverse situations as godly challenges. Her expertise lies in her ability to transform the ordinary into adventure. An award winning, former member of Toastmasters Int., she speaks with imagination and humor, lacing her talks with heartwarming personal anecdotes and riveting stories from history. For more information about her speaking, select the "speaking topics" button in the column to the left.

About Writing

Mayo Mathers is a contributing writer to seventeen books and author of four:

  • Mothers-in-law VS Daughters-in-law - Let There be Peace, Beacon Hill Press (written under the name "Elisabeth Graham)
  • Finding Adventure in the Ordinary - A Survival Manual for Uninspired Parents, Moody Press
  • Like a Pebble Tossed - the Legacy of a Prayer, ACW Press
  • A Reflective Journal of Lists, Aspen Press

She has also authored Bible studies and a devotionals:

  • Prepare to Be Amazed - an exploration in radical trust
  • Prayer Worth Repeating (a devotional prayer guide for moms of adult children, Stonecroft Ministries)
  • Make Us One (a devotional prayer guide for wives, Stonecroft Ministries)
  • Ephesians (Stonecroft Ministries)
  • Every Season - Embracing a Forever Kind of Purpose, Stonecroft Ministries)

She has been a Columnist and Regular Contributor with:

  • Today's Christian Woman Magazine
  • Virtue Magazine                                                                                                              

Her articles have appeared in many magazines including:

  • Focus on the Family
  • Guideposts
  • Country
  • Christian Parenting
  • Decision                                                                                                           

Janice uses her maiden name, Mayo, as her first name when she writes in tribute to her father, Howard Mayo, who died when she was a child.

About Commitments

Janice is a Speaker Consultant and member of the Board of Directors for Stonecroft, an international organization committed to helping women connect with each other, their communities and with God. Visit Stonecroft.org.  

About Family

Married to Steve, a hunting guide and outfitter, Janice works with him in their family-owned well drilling business that spans four generations. They have two grown sons and two beautiful daughters-in-law who enrich their lives daily. But the absolute frosting swirled over everything is Milo Kora, her perfect granddaughter who makes everything better with just the tiniest smile.

About Adventure

Adventure is my favorite word, but for many years I misunderstood its definition:  a bold undertaking of uncertain outcome, to risk or hazard. I believed that adventure came from going to new places and meeting new people and the "risk" referred to the excitement of those unknown places and people. As a result, much time was forever lost to a sense of discontentment that overshadowed my life and caused its colors to fade. Thankfully, I came to realize that adventure doesn't come from the outside but from the inside. It's an attitude - an attitude that has the power to transform the most ordinary of days into something spectacular and wonder-filled. The aspect of risk comes from daring to manipulate my thought process away from my natural inclination, from determining to process the information around me in a way that will bring value and purpose to the dark seasons of life. The stunning result of cultivating this attitude is that adventure presents itself to me in countless ways: speaking invitations that come with undreamed-of travel; travel that presents opportunities for such things as zip lines, surfing, paraglaiding, canyon swinging; challenges that stretch me to excruciating but exhilarating lengths; and invitations to meet and work with people for whom I have great respect and admiration. I know there is only one explanation for the adventures of my life: GOD. He is the author of it all. He brings certainty to the uncertain. He makes the risk worthwhile.