MOTHERS-IN-LAW VS DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW - Let There Be Peace    $12.99 At last! A book to help both mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law build a relationship that will enrich both families. Chock-full of stories and sound, practical advice to disarm the tension from this most difficult of all relationships. (Written under the name "Elisabeth Graham.")                                                               



FINDING ADVENTURE IN THE ORDINARY - A Survival Manual for Uninspired Parents  $7.99

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A warm, lighthearted approach to parenting that will provide relief, inspiration, humor, tips, suggestions, and lots of golden nuggets of help for your growing family. Pick up this book and open it randomly to any page. You're guaranteed to find your daily load lightended.


PREPARE TO BE AMAZED! An Exploration into Radical Trust $12.00

       This Bible study challenges you to fling your arms wide before God and tell him, "I trust you - no matter what!" When you do this, you are positioning yourself to experience the miraculous side of life. You will be stepping onto ground so holy, so God-drenched, you will never be the same again. 


This beautiful journal offers a unique approach to journaling that works for any age. It is a collection of lists the covers every aspect of life such as: ten people who've impacted my life, ten favorite memories, ten things that make me laugh. This is a great gift for any person, any occasion. It is also a great conversation starter around the dinner table or in small group settings.


IN THE WORKS:  Invincible!  Turning Every Circumstance to Your Advantage

      This powerful work will take the fear out of "what if." It will cause you to see the heartaches of life through the eyes of God who has promised to turn your ashes into gold. You will never be the same after reading this book and seeing the power that is available to anyone whose mind is fixed on God.