Conference or Retreat Topics

The following programs all consist of three separate sessions.  Each session begins with a brief drama. 


PREPARE TO BE AMAZED! Exchanging Your Dreams for God's Dreams      

     Featuring Deborah, Sarah and Esther, three women whose personal dreams were exploded by God's dream for them - far greater than they ever imagined. In these sessions we will learn how to let God redirect our dreams and break down every barrier that prevents us from fulfilling God's complete plan for our lives and experiencing the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love.


DEFINING MOMENTS - How Your Focus Defines Your Future

      This topic is designed to encourage women to take a reflective step back in their life so they can recognize the seemingly insignificant thought patterns and behaviors that lead to larger, life-defining moments. Each session begins with a visit from three of King David's most notable wives: Michal, Bathsheba and Abigail. Each had a defining moment in life that passed unnoticed even as it laid the foundation for an event that would leave them forever altered. As these three women tell their stories it will become clear that it was their focus and not their circumstances that determined the quality of their life and their future.


HEAVEN BOUND! Finding Intimacy with God

      This program utilizes riveting, true stories from the Oregon Trail to inspire women to pursue a more intimate relationship with God. Each session begins with a visit from Maggie, a young bride whose future was forever changed by the brutal Oregon Trail. She will inspire both laughter and tears as she shares life-changing lessons in which she learned not only the secret of her grandmother’s teapot, but ultimately, the secret to intimacy with God.


SINGING IN THE RAIN - Faithful, Fruitful and Fantastic in Every Season of Life

       Travel back in history to the days of Noah and meet a woman who was determined to follow God through every season of her life. You’ll be amazed to discover how similar her long-ago-struggles are to the ones we face today. Each session begins with a glimpse into the life of “Mrs. Noah” as she talks to God about what is going on in her life. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heart wrenching, each session will challenge you to follow more closely in the footsteps of Jesus while giving you specific tools to help you become faithful, fruitful and fantastic in every season of life.


FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE - the Adventure of a Lifetime       

      Faith, Hope and Love takes an in-depth look at the significance of these three words, their order and their connectivity. We will see how each depends on the other and is essential to a purposeful and influential life. This topic features Rahab the Harlot, a woman who went from the lowest level of society to being held up as an example of how we all should live. She will tell us how she dared to step out in faith , discovered hope and found the love of her life! As you listen to Rahab’s story your heart will first break and then swell with excitement through the transformation that takes place as God breaks down the walls surrounding her heart and leads her into breathtaking adventure. In the sessions following her visits you will see that a similar adventure is waiting for you!


INVINCIBLE! Turning Every Circumstance to Your Advantage

     In God’s infinite love for us, he built into our minds a fail-safe protection against the shattering circumstances we encounter in life. It’s called the power of choice - the ability to determine our mindset no matter what we’re experiencing. Invincible! is centered around the lives of the Orpah, Naomi and Ruth - three women who suffered the same tragedy but responded in three different ways. As we listen to each woman’s story we will unlock the secret to living invincibly.


ON PURPOSE - Living as God's Masterpiece

     What does it mean to be God's masterpiece? What are the good things he planned for us to do? A visit with three women, Mary of Magdala, Martha of Bethany and Salome (mother of James and John) will help us discover God's one over-riding purpose for our lives and show us how to live that purpose out in every season and circumstance in a way that brings fulfillment and joy into each day.


WORLD CHANGER - Becoming a Woman of Valor

     A new look at Proverbs 31 provides us with the tools to turn our world upside down! From the stories of three unique women, Eve, Tamar and Hannah, we learn that when we listen to the right voice, trust that God has our backs and access His power, we become world changers who light up the lives of everyone around us.






Workshop Topics


     A collection of ideas and stories to relieve the tedium of everyday life, this fun, interactive workshop is chock full of practical, affordable tips any mom can use.



     A workshop designed for journalers and non-journalers alike. It will inspire you to find a creative means of "establishing a record"  that fits your personality and lifestyle. It will also spark ideas for making journaling a family affair.



Seventy percent of women polled expressed dissatisfaction with their mother-in-law or daughter-in-law. Comments ranged from "I'm glad she doesn't visit" to "I wish she were dead." It's safe to say this is one of the more complicated human relationships! In this work shop you will learn to recognize areas of conflict, reexamine your expectations, set boundaries, and develope patience and understanding for your in-law. 

Keynote Topics

Following are just a few of the many topics for you to to consider:



     A weaving of humorous and inspirational stories that shows how my love of adventure led to a spirit of discontentment until I learned that adventure is an attitude - not an action.



      A drama based on true stories of the Oregon Trail as told by “Maggie” who lived it. This portrayal is rich with both humor and tragedy, drawing the listener in to this incredible period of American history.



     A year of astounding adventure on a tiny pacific island brought me face to face with the sure knowlege that with God any challenge is survivable!



     A fun "show and tell" presentation demonstrating how purses match the personality of their owners and describes the one "must have" purse for every woman.



     Step by step suggestions for slowing down and building physical, emotional and spiritual margin into your life. 



     The dramatic presentation of a young woman whose wildest dreams were coming true until an angelic encounter changed the course of her life forever.



     A collection of humorous and touching stories about parenting and the ultimate example of love I learned from my sons.



     Centered around a specific prayer that went unanswered, this talk demonstrates the purpose behind God's perceived silence in the face of our heartfelt prayers.